White Paper

The Adoption of Bots Across Insurance Value Chain

Today, customers expect their queries to be answered on their terms and as quickly as possible. But how? What are the significant factors to create a superior customer experience? Speed. Convenience. Knowledge. Intuitiveness.

A PwC study states that nearly 80% of US consumers prefer the above-stated factors as the most important elements for a positive customer experience. Customers outside the US value time taken to offer more.

Adoption of AI bot technology in insurance brings a “human touch” and helps insurers to “build real connections” with their customers without frustrating them.

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The white paper covers the listed topics:

  • Introduction to AI bots in insurance
  • The emergence of bots in insurance
  • Benefits of insurance bots 
        For corporations
        For customers
  • Use of intelligent bots in the insurance value chain 
       Product management
       Marketing, sales, and distribution
       Underwriting and risk rating 
       Claims management
       Customer service
  • The future of bots in insurance 2025 and beyond 


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