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Accelerate productivity with a versatile agent portal for insurers

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Connect Agile Agents to Deliver
Long-term Success

Optimize fully deployed interaction routing for agents, partners, and brokers with personalized quotes, policies, and channels to streamline agent workflow efficiency at their fingertips. Kickstart to experience end-to-end customer experience with our unified Agent Portal service provider that caters to effortless integration, real-time dashboard and KPIs.

Holistic Customer Experience

In-built dashboard for equipped agents

Embed super-fast data access and policy issuance implementing agent performance. Maintain long-term partnership and gain quick snapshots with relevant information, timely decision making and agent log to facilitate overall communication channels.

Real-time Insights

Forecast analytics and KPI performance

Get the privilege to configure analytical data and KPI solutions with a well-integrated agent portal. With our centralized interface, agents can monitor customer-based reports that include commission statements, claims and policy reviews in a simple one click.

Cost Optimization

Leverage operational efficiency for partners

Unify easy access to insurers with policy documentation, sales incentive materials, claim coverage and data-driven information by enabling intelligent AI vetted tools like a live customer service rep and a chatbot that help reap operational efficiency of your supporting partners.

Multichannel Strategy

Facilitate multi-insurance lines

Ability to access policies administration, business renewals, quick quote add-ons and premium classification by multiple insurance lines and businesses using highly secure and scalable - agent log dashboards.

Revenue Expansion

Cross-platform opportunities

Identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities that add value and deliver solutions with real-time data, notification, and insights to your insurance related-challenges. Our intuitive agent log system quickly addresses revenue expansion with easy integration of core insurance platforms that support underwriting, risk policy and ratings.

Reclaim Profit Margins

Distributed producer efficiency

Comprehensive workflow engines to simplify policy administration with ease and drive digital adoption by channelizing distributed producer efficiency. Turn down overlapping complexity with personified forms, policies, and applications for agents to effectively fetch data on a built-in centralized dashboard with relevant KPIs

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