Digital customer experience

Create an awesome customer experience.

Digital Customer Experience

Let your customer experience speak for you

Insurance is a dynamic industry with an ever-evolving consumer base that covers all generations. The mindsets, thinking process, and expectations will vary hugely across the generational segments and insurers must match with them to sustain and grow. the key is with the overall experience insurers give. Across the insurance customer journey, transform and give frictionless experience with high quality, personalized, and advanced tech solutions.

Increase the level of customer satisfaction; a natural growth engine/catalyst.

Across your customer journey, Technovert can help you identify and improve processes that have the caliber to deliver superior customer experience.

digital customer
Discovery and Sale

Understand the buying behaviors and change the way you reach out.

Identify the target audience’s needs, motives, and preferences and while reaching out to them, make use of creatives that entices them more. Adopt a data-driven approach, customized messaging, imagery and align them across all media and consumer touchpoints for a connected experience.

Digital Policy Management
Policy Management

Restyle your policy lifecycle management

A customer interacts with multiple stakeholders for making changes in policy docs, updating the nominee details, or checking the status of a claim. Deliver a seamless experience while you efficiently manage such processes by adopting Omni-channel communications, digitization, and other tech applications.

Digital customer claims

Deliver an enhanced claims experience

Customers demand speedy resolution followed by clear communications and a personal touch. And Insurers look to eliminate any chance of fraud or litigation with claimants. Adopt a data-driven, AI-powered, and no-touch claims processing approach to give your customers a seamless and the best in class claims disbursal.

Digital customer up cross sell
Up sell & Cross Sell

Trigger the right thought in your customer's mind

Cut your customer acquisition costs. Across all the touchpoints in the process, empower your customer reps and on-field agents by adopting solutions like chatbots, IVR, and instant triggers for certain instances which result in experience transformation and a faster TAT.


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