Understand, who’s who.

With growing customer base, it is impossible to intuitively know your customers, let alone decide which ones to focus on. With segmentation, easily understand your customers in a structured and shared manner with multitude of attributes

customer segmentation

Improved customer service

The future of customer experience lies in effective segmentation. It's when we successfully combine the power of customer demographic and behavioral data with customer feedback, we capture what various personas want and need from your company and what they feel about the brand.

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Price optimization

When you know where your customers stand in terms of financial and societal status, you’ll be in a much greater position to offer your product or service at a price they consider reasonable.By optimizing the price of your product, you not only ensure your customers get the most value for their dollar, but you also ensure your company generates the maximum amount of revenue possible.

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Increased competitiveness

Going along with that last sentiment, using customer segmentation strategies allows you to be active, assertive, and even aggressive when it comes to building your business.

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Better ROI

Customer segmentation helps to collect the right data, in lesser time to make effective predictions. From planning to decision-making, it helps businesses to reduce overall costs, increase sales, spread brand awareness, and make profits from harnessing effective marketing analytics.

Data Set

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Different ways of customer segmentation

Customer Persona

  • Economical Customer
  • Evangelists
  • Evangelists
  • Hero Customers
  • Big Hunters
  • Highly Engaged

Customer Lifecycle Stage

  • Customer Lifecycle Stage
  • Evangelists
  • One Time Purchaser
  • Lost Customers
  • Repeat Customer

Behavior and Habits

  • Abandioned Basket
  • Device Preferences
  • Onsite Engagement
  • Email Engagement
  • Channel Preferences

Purchase History

  • Share of wallet
  • Average Basket Size
  • Online preference
  • Category interests
  • Purchase Frequency
  • Buying Cycle

Content Engagement

  • Topic and Style Preferences
  • Content type Preferences


  • Gender
  • Size of wallet
  • Age
  • Education/Occupation
  • Geographic Location
  • Family status


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