Case Study

Minimizing Customer Churn Leveraging Advanced Analytics

Our customer is one of the prominent sportswear manufacturers with 5000+ retailing stores across the globe.

The client faced numerous issues retaining customers, understanding their sentiment and increasing the value offering, facing high attrition rates and losses.

As Snowflake select partner, Technovert took on the challenge to scrutizine historical data and various sets of information to address opportunities for growth. The result was a full-fledged risk mitigation gameplan paired with intelligent data analytics.

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Identify “Churn Probability” and Improve Retention


Sportswear Manufacturing


United States

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    The Challenge

    Embracing ~16% attrition rate of customers, our client struggled to retain customers and improve customers’ lifetime value and profitability. With a considerable reduction in the number of customers within a year, client saw a huge loss in revenue and cost for advancement in acquisition reached up to 25% for the customers. To address such complexity, our client looked for the best technology to build advanced analytical solutions and accomplish business objectives like reducing customer churn, gaining real-time insights, transforming customers into profitable assets, and improving customer satisfaction.

    Download the case study for a detailed representation.

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