Top 5 Benefits of CRM for Insurance Sales
Top 5 Benefits of CRM for Insurance Sales

The benefits of CRM for insurance sales offer a swift transformation from going paperless to adopting automation  that is a key step in the sales process to closely monitor customer behavioral insights, track each purchase progress, and substantially quote sales requests and aspects of the sales fu...

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an Agent Portal for Insurance
Avoid Data Silos in Insurance Agent Management Using an Agent Portal

Data silos are a concern within companies – because of duplicate entries, inefficient insurance agent management, and human errors persisting due to legacy systems. To rise above legacy models, using an agent portal can help avoid data silos empowering your company to function uninterruptedly. Thi...

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7 Insurance Bases for Successful CRM Implementation
7 Insurance Bases for Successful CRM Implementation

Nowadays, not even a well-organized team can keep up with data-driven insights that monitor customer behavior analysis and open doors to potential customer experience with the organization. However, with the growth in IT infrastructure over recent times, companies globally have integrated different ...

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CRM Insurance Best Practices
CRM Best Practices for Insurance to Maximize Business ROI

As prior to the emerging technologies, companies were juggling with a way to improve customer interaction, retrieve accurate customer behavior analysis, and be top ahead on the sales ladder. In order to achieve impressive business results, insurers assessed various tools and techniques to build long...

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Insurance Bot Use Cases
7 Insurance Bot Use Cases for Effective Customer Journey

For decades, the insurance industry was able to rest on its goodwill and credibility. Whereas customers could operate competitive policies, claims, and coverage using manual procedures. These outdated measures made insurers face myriad challenges. Fast forward to today’s digital world, legacy ...

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Insurance Bot 3 Concerns
Insurance Bot — Solving 3 Key Insurance Concerns with an Intelligent Bot

The idea of deploying a bot with an insurance system and its various platforms seemed unlikely a decade ago, but it has changed in the last few years. Numerous insurance companies have been investing in chatbots to enable their potential prospects and existing policyholders with around-the-clock sup...

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Agent & CRM for Insurance
Agent and Customer Portals in Insurance

Insurance claims and underwriting processes can get quite hectic. The use of legacy systems to govern enterprise data is still prevalent, indicating the need for robust digital solutions to reduce the dependence on human intervention. Not only can insurers save time and resources by using intuitive ...

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software engineering framework
How Software Engineering Framework Excellence Can Fuel Your Business

With the tenacious competition among businesses, enterprises need the finest resources, tools, and frameworks in the development and support of enterprise software. In such a scenario, the tendency to deliver the best becomes the utmost priority. To achieve the vision, organizations usually follow t...

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Digital disruption in insurance
Benefits of Digital Disruption in Insurance

As leaders rise to the demands of digital disruption in Insurance, its many advantages are visible at every interval of a company’s value chain. Innovation is key to scaling and sustaining your insurance venture now and in the future. A CEO is not just a key decision maker in corporate affairs, bu...

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Data in Insurance
Data in Insurance: Insurer’s Roadmap to Becoming Data-powered

As data turned out to be more than a means to an end, various industries are now focused on analyzing and re-analyzing its significance. Businesses, regardless of the sectors they belong to, are working towards monetizing data to get a competitive edge over their adversaries and outperform them. Sim...

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Snowflake Data Cloud Driving Innovation with Unistore Hybrid Tables

This year’s Snowflake Summit brought us a step closer to the next phase of innovation with its all-inclusive and progressive feature additions. Along with Apache Iceberg, and Snowpark, the world also became a witness to another interesting feature launch – Snowflake Unistore Hybrid Tables. For t...

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Advances in AI for Insurance
5 Advances in Applied AI for the Insurance Industry

The Insurance industry benefits from advancements in applied AI, owing to the massive influx of automation tools for improved process efficiencies. Industry experts say that the next decade will witness a massive adoption of cutting-edge AI for security and governance platforms used by insurers. Thi...

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