Data in Insurance
Data in Insurance: Insurer’s Roadmap to Becoming Data-powered

As data turned out to be more than a means to an end, various industries are now focused on analyzing and re-analyzing its significance. Businesses, regardless of the sectors they belong to, are working towards monetizing data to get a competitive edge over their adversaries and outperform them. Sim...

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Snowflake Data Cloud Driving Innovation with Unistore Hybrid Tables

This year’s Snowflake Summit brought us a step closer to the next phase of innovation with its all-inclusive and progressive feature additions. Along with Apache Iceberg, and Snowpark, the world also became a witness to another interesting feature launch – Snowflake Unistore Hybrid Tables. For t...

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Advances in AI for Insurance
5 Advances in Applied AI for the Insurance Industry

The Insurance industry benefits from advancements in applied AI, owing to the massive influx of automation tools for improved process efficiencies. Industry experts say that the next decade will witness a massive adoption of cutting-edge AI for security and governance platforms used by insurers. Thi...

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AI in Insurance Industry
3 Ways AI is Disrupting the Insurance Industry 

Artificial intelligence (AI) is disrupting the insurance industry and CEOs are keen on implementing the latest innovative solutions for business productivity. AI can help insurers assess risk, detect fraud, and reduce human error in the application process. The result is insurers who are better equi...

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Data Innovation Updates from Snowflake Summit 2022

Conferences usually have a great start, yet the excitement dies down with time. But Snowflake Summit 2022 turned out to be completely different. Possibly, the pent-up demand for a major event like this from the past two years contributed to the success of this year’s summit. The 2022 summit is a...

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flight booking app with omnichannel experience
Why Your Airlines Need a Powerful Omnichannel Platform

Multichannel has proven to be an effective approach for communicating with airline passengers. But its charm faded over the years. Under the presence of multiple channels, travelers get several mediums to interact with their airlines conveniently. Yet, the challenge with multiple channels is to main...

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Multichannel to Omnichannel Experience: A How to Guide

‘Omnichannel’ and ‘customer-centric’ are a couple of raging buzzwords in multiple industries. They have emerged as an inventive strategy to improve the customer experience and restructure business operations. LIMRA observed in its 2020 Insurance Barometer Study that in-person insurance polic...

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Hyperautomation Benefits
Hyperautomation: Business Drivers and Benefits in the Insurance Industry

The dynamics of the insurance market are going through a period of rapid change. Since it’s being a highly process-centric industry, insurance firms need to monitor their business processes closely for efficiency, accuracy, and costs. In order to do so, various regulatory laws and regulations are ...

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Customer Experience Strategy
Enhanced Customer Experience Strategy for Enterprise Systems

Successful digital transformation promotes the customer’s role and impact on the continuous nature of business growth and innovation. Ushering simplicity and operational excellence, businesses that can do more with less are ones that leverage responsive enterprise systems to enable priceless custo...

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Azure Digital Twins To Bolster Enterprise IT Capabilities
Leverage Azure Digital Twins to Bolster Enterprise IT Capabilities

Digital twin technologies are empowering businesses with a shift towards operational efficiency and sustainability driven by large-scale digital transformation projects. Especially for the world’s biggest goods manufacturers, retailers, insurers, and other value chains, the demand for automation a...

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Build Modern Data Architecture
Building A Modern Data Architecture to Support Your Business Goals

With a lot of noise in the data analytics industry about modernization, enterprises are now gradually shifting to building a modern data architecture that helps them eradicate data silos. Over the past few years, organizations are frequently deploying technologies against legacy systems to leverage ...

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5 Ways Conversational Ai Bots Enhance Customer Success Management
5 Ways Conversational AI Bots Enhance Customer Success Management

Conversational AI bots are gaining massive importance in the retail, banking, insurance, healthcare, IT, and other spaces reliant on voluminous customer exchanges. In an increasingly connected world, the necessity to unify communication touchpoints is fundamental to customer success management. If y...

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