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The need for streamlining business operations has never been higher as it is now. This is because of the momentum the Digital Transformation revolution has gained. Many organizations are looking for innovative ways to streamline and automate their business processes so that manual effort can be redirected towards other goals that require a lot of effort and focus while a digital assistant handles mundane tasks by consuming lesser amounts of time, with 100% accuracy. 

Digital Transformation has been Microsoft’s mission over the last few years, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the latest offering by Microsoft that accelerated Digital Transformation. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is launched with a vision to club all the ERP, CRM and other business applications into one single digital platform. This newest approach to bring all business management applications together is just the beginning as Microsoft already has plans to launch and include many more applications into this platform.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be used individually for ERP or CRM, or it can be leveraged collectively as a suite. Right now, there are eight key applications in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite and all of them are designed to modernize a single area concerning ERP or CRM.
Each of these applications can be customized to meet your organization’s needs, unique to your organization or they can be taken as building blocks to lay the foundation of your Digital Transformation platform.

Have a look at the below infographics showing the impact cloud based ERP and CRM has on business growth: 

Now that we have an idea of what Microsoft Dynamics 365 is, let’s take a look at its primary features that are proven to be beneficial to many organizations:

Unified Platform

Microsoft Dynamics 365 binds the power of ERP and CRM together, which takes the standard of your technological solutions to the next level, resulting in maintaining a long-standing clientele. This allows you to deliver solutions that not just meet your clients’ expectations, but also exceed them. The transactions through these applications are much quicker, efficient and well-organized. You can even take a few creative measures like holding activities internally and match them with the requirements of your clients. The end result will not just be swift, but also satisfactory.

This unified platform makes your entire framework and activities easy to control while keeping an eye on other tasks simultaneously. For example, with Microsoft Dynamics 365, your organization’s sales & marketing teams have all the data concerning a project or a client available to them at their disposal and can productively deal with all of the clients’ questions, requests, and demands. What’s more, simultaneously, your marketing team will be constantly and accurately informed about the advancements that are going on amongst your clients and the backend team.

Through Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can pick up inside and out bits of knowledge on your processes and activities, that can be utilized to quicken your development, devise a unique, collaborative technique, and lessen reliance on various other devices. Should you require any help to comprehend the complexities of this suite or any one of its applications, you can depend on your Microsoft Dynamics 365 advisors. They will help you by guiding you and making you understand various Microsoft Dynamics 365 modules.

Superior Customer Interfacing

As ERP and CRM are unified into one single platform, your point of management will just be one, which encourages client interfacing. It provides you with a 360-degree perspective on every single one of the operations and tasks. This, thus, gives you significant insights, which in turn allow you to make changes by evaluating them. For example, with the help of User Adoption Monitor, you can follow the activities of your end-users. This gives your marketing staff some significant knowledge about individual user efficiency. With this at your hand, you can take your client adoption to another level.

Besides, Microsoft Dynamics 365 gives you the adaptability to include applications that make your business procedures more accurate, simple and productive.

Boosts productivity

Improving associations with your present clients is more financially beneficial than to pull in new ones. In addition, you might already know this, upselling to your present client becomes extremely difficult.

Be that as it may, with Microsoft Dynamics 365 a part of your organization, you can consolidate all the client data at one spot, and it can be made accessible to only those who has the necessity by providing them with the required credentials. What’s more, with the help of this data, you can easily manage and automate delivery and service-related data.

With Dynamics 365, you can manage or restrict access to the data, resources, and client circumstance on one interface, instead of juggling between multiple interfaces. The previously mentioned key highlights assist you with understanding the zones in which you can develop a superior association with your clients.

By now, we’ve made it clear that leveraging the Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite will boost your organization’s productivity. Now let’s have a look at some interesting trends in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP):

Enhance Human Proficiency

Perhaps the biggest and the most notable trend in the new ERP systems is the inclusion of BI. With Business Intelligence piloting your system, the data and information you gather will be analyzed thoroughly. Automation of your ERP system will be much more accurate and can even help you in boosting your business growth. This analyzation of the existing data fuels the proficiency of humans as they can assess the data, recognize gaps and identify issues and take steps that are necessary much more accurately, without hassle, while taking as less time as possible.


No two businesses are similar. This is why having a singular approach for all kinds of organizations is not possible. The most recent trend in ERP systems is customization. The future applications can be completely customized as per your requirements, which are unique to your organization. This end result of this will be a perfectly tailored product that fits beautifully into your organization’s infrastructure.


The tightening of security is another trend the entire world is turning to these days. With cloud technologies booming, the risk of security breaches has also become higher. The new ERP systems are countering this with developing ironclad security for their applications. The owners of the applications will have complete control over who gets to do what, restrict people from viewing or sharing certain type of data etc.,

We’ve explained the many benefits of leveraging Dynamics 365 and how incorporating it into your organization’s infrastructure will enhance your productivity.

How we can help

Digital Transformation has been the driving force of Technovert since its conception. We specialize in designing and building applications that are unique to your organization and cater to your needs without any kind of hassle. Partner with us and allow us to build a sophisticated ERP and CRM solutions for your organization by leveraging the Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite.

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