Dynamics 365 CRM: 11 reasons why Dynamics 365 is the most preferred CRM solution

Dynamic 365 crm

Identifying the right CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution for your business is like taking the first step to deploy efficient customer management workflows. Microsoft Dynamics 365 comes with many capabilities of integrating ERP and CRM functions cohesively. Dynamics 365 CRM solutions enable businesses with improved access and governance for Sales, Marketing and Customer Services in a single application.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 emerges as one of the most powerful and highly scalable CRM solutions available due to the ease of deployment and immediate impact on business. Offering a broad range of functionalities, flexibilities and value, a Dynamics 365 CRM software requires minimal configuration and promotes ease of use. The biggest benefit of Dynamics 365 CRM is to facilitate a faster ROI (Return on Investment) by optimizing business processes.

Why organizations choose Dynamics 365?

The major reason why organizations of all sizes use Dynamics 365 CRM is to enhance their sales, marketing, and customer services operations. With customizable functionalities and features, small and large-scale organizations can leverage many cutting-edge tools for business-critical improvements. Dynamics 365 creates value derived from customized CRM solutions for better accuracy, security, and the direct execution of complex functions.

Organizations deploy Dynamics 365 CRM solutions with flexibility and ease, aligning the software capabilities to their specific business objectives.

Dynamics 365 functionalities

Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be deployed in the following ways –
On-premises – Gain full control over your Dynamics 365 architecture with inhouse maintenance, updates, and deployment.
Partner-hosted – Microsoft managed services partner oversees, maintains, and deploys your Dynamics 365 solution for seamless delivery.
Cloud-based – A hosted solution rids you of the need to maintain, update or assign resources to manage your end-to-end Dynamics 365 applications, with your specified requirements deployed over the cloud.

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

It’s a no-brainer that organizations rely on Dynamics 365 CRM solutions over its competitors in the field. Ranking highest in user adoption, the intuitive and familiar user interface of Dynamics 365 enhances enterprise software development for process efficiency.

The straightforward integration with Microsoft products like Office 365, SharePoint, Skype for Business, Outlook, PowerApps and Power BI is a unique advantage of Dynamics 365 software. In-built tools such as Relationship Assistant and LinkedIn Sales Navigator Application Platform (SNAP) promote productivity and governance. The various implementation choices, flexible architecture and pricing of Dynamics 365 allow for customizations to modify the system according to each business requirement.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM capabilities

Dynamics 365 integration and development is a big win for the industry as more companies lean on the many advantages of this technology platform.

Following are 11 reasons to choose Dynamics 365 as your CRM, and why the platform is highly regarded by users.

1. Operational efficiency

MS Dynamics 365 CRM solutions are built to enrich user experiences by standardizing and enhancing business processes. Driven by flexible workflows, businesses can automate various tasks and operations for efficiency. Microsoft Dynamics 365 relieves the users of strenuous manual labour, thus facilitating intelligent process automation driving workflows that align with business objectives.

Some examples of Dynamics 365 CRM workflows are:
– Criteria based customer data filtering
– Automated lead qualification workflows
– Automatic email notifications
– Intelligent lead management for sales & marketing

Using an agile development method, D365 tools can be leveraged to ensure continuity and proficiency in modern approaches to customer management, engagement and retention.

2. Customizability

Offering various modules and tools for workflow automation, Dynamics 365 CRM solutions are built to support marketing, field service, customer services, rule-based sales operations and numerous other functions intelligently.
By modifying workflows to suit business-specific needs, organizations can leverage pre-built tools for desired outcomes. In case pre-built tools don’t derive the desired results, organizations can take advantage of its deployment ease, scalable architecture, and pricing options to modify the Dynamics 365 CRM platform according to team size, budget and Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

3. Targeted marketing

Dynamics 365 CRM empowers your customer interactions with marketing automation tools to take the strain out of lead management, targeted marketing campaigns, results evaluation and follow ups.

Fetching and sorting customer data, gaining relevant customer insights and applying marketing strategies become easier with an end-to-end CRM solution built on Dynamics 365 platform.

4. Information & accessibility

Leveraging Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner, you gain access to cutting-edge tools that retain the quality of information across all levels of accessibility. Pertinent departments or individuals receive mobile, web, or MS Outlook updates based on the customer management workflows. The end-users gain access to accurate information always, ensuring transparent objectives and seamless process continuity.

5. Simplified service scheduling

An integral aspect of the customer experience is ensuring that you never miss a service call, appointment or follow up. Access to the market is enhanced using Dynamics 365 CRM with service scheduling that keeps customers happy.
Dynamics 365 CRM offers a cohesive and overall view of customer requests and calendars to enable uninterrupted access to your organization’s customer services operations.

6. Integration of Microsoft products

The seamless integration with other Microsoft products like SharePoint, Office 365, Skype, Outlook, Teams, etc., is possible with your Dynamics 365 CRM solution. Empowering businesses with the ease to switch from Dynamics 365 to Outlook for communication efficiency, rely on Power BI for incisive data analytics and SharePoint for efficient content management are examples of the versatility of this platform.

Organizations rely on the deep integration capabilities of Dynamics 365 CRM for the unmatched benefits of various Microsoft products for business.

7. Improved communications

MS Dynamics 365 furnishes an organization with enhanced communication efficiency which results in productivity and transparent objectives. Whether at the office or on the go, Dynamics 365 CRM can automate all customer data management by filtering relevant sales figures and marketing metrics to keep stakeholders involved using alerts & updates. Add-on features like mobile app integrations, Dynamics 365 licensing support and cross-platform compatibility empower your workforce with productive results wherever they are.

8. Customer experience management

Dynamics 365 gathers large sums of customer data. By analysing websites visited by individuals, their pattern of interaction with brands, community engagement and much more, the BI tool gathers crucial insights that drive the sales and marketing processes. The data which cannot be quantitatively evaluated due to large volumes can be tracked and studied to manage consumer expectations. This includes customer sentiment analysis, purchasing behaviour, loyalty, and advocacy.

With access to valuable customer information, a D365 CRM solution can help handle customer interactions implicitly. Increased control over data ensures that representatives from your organization can offer a personalized resolution to each customer.

9. Frequent updates

Considering the immense research and development for Dynamics 365, Microsoft offers continuous support to ensure that the technology reaps maximum benefits for all stakeholders. A vast library of resources, open forums and diverse framework assistance are among the many perks of the world’s leading technology service providers.

10. Enhanced productivity

Dynamics 365 furnishes a business with uninterrupted access to every type of data required. This empowers employees with smarter decision-making capabilities, productivity tools and valuable intelligence on each operation. Instead of using CRM, ERP and M365 apps separately, your employees can find all they need on the same platform.

11. Deployment flexibility

Choosing your desired deployment option with Dynamics 365 services, whether on-premises, partner-hosted or cloud-based, you can fit the solution to your budget. Based on unique business needs, organizations can transition to Dynamics 365 seamlessly.

Get the Best CRM solutions and microservices using Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM solutions are ideal for you to learn more about your consumers, their expectations, and interactions. In turn, you can boost your marketing and sales functions, translating to a holistic performance boost for your organization.

While MS D365 integration is quintessential to improved functionality, your existing infrastructure and resources are the main factor that drives D365 CRM adoption. As a Microsoft Gold partner, Technovert specializes in Dynamics 365 CRM services with a vast library of resources and talent to execute even the most complex tasks. Get started with an expert at a budget that fits your goals!


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