Code Search Add-In for Visual Studio

Visual Studio is making the developers job easy day by day,now Microsoft Research Team announced code searching Add-in to visual studio 2013, which allows developers to search code snippets across the web from visual studio

we can download this Bing Code Search Add-In free and for more information about using this Add-IN Microsoft research team has given a demo video.

This code search add-In has been developed with the collaboration of MSDN,Bing search,stack overflow,Microsoft Research,CSharp411,Dotnetperls and other Microsoft partners.By using this Add-In developer can search the code snippets in above partner sites from visual studio itself, instead of leaving IDE and search in browser end.



Bing code search add-In automatically adopts the code snippets based on the developers context and suggest the code snippets accordingly.

This search can be launched from visual studio intellisence , we will get the option in top of intellisence as “How Do I..”


For now this search is limited for c# code snippets ,but Microsoft is looking the ways to support more languages in future.

I hope this add-in improves the developers productivity and speed of development process.

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