Advances in AI for Insurance
5 Advances in Applied AI for the Insurance Industry

The Insurance industry benefits from advancements in applied AI, owing to the massive influx of automation tools for improved process efficiencies. Industry experts say that the next decade will witness a massive adoption of cutting-edge AI for security and governance platforms used by insurers. Thi...

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Customer Experience Strategy
Enhanced Customer Experience Strategy for Enterprise Systems

Successful digital transformation promotes the customer’s role and impact on the continuous nature of business growth and innovation. Ushering simplicity and operational excellence, businesses that can do more with less are ones that leverage responsive enterprise systems to enable priceless custo...

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Azure Digital Twins To Bolster Enterprise IT Capabilities
Leverage Azure Digital Twins to Bolster Enterprise IT Capabilities

Digital twin technologies are empowering businesses with a shift towards operational efficiency and sustainability driven by large-scale digital transformation projects. Especially for the world’s biggest goods manufacturers, retailers, insurers, and other value chains, the demand for automation a...

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5 Ways Conversational Ai Bots Enhance Customer Success Management
5 Ways Conversational AI Bots Enhance Customer Success Management

Conversational AI bots are gaining massive importance in the retail, banking, insurance, healthcare, IT, and other spaces reliant on voluminous customer exchanges. In an increasingly connected world, the necessity to unify communication touchpoints is fundamental to customer success management. If y...

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Conversational AI in retail
Reimagine Customer Experiences with Conversational AI in Retail

Conversational AI is revolutionizing the way businesses interact with their customers. With advanced capabilities to streamline customer service operations, conversational AI bots make businesses available on-demand 24×7. Through personalized and engaging interactions, conversational bots are p...

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Dynamics 365 Empowers Business Leaders Make Better Decisions
How Dynamics 365 Empowers Business Leaders To Make Better Decisions

For business owners, 50% of business outcomes are a direct impact of their decision making. As for CEOs and CIOs, knowing what needs to be done to achieve a certain objective is not enough, but also answering why your chosen digital strategy is beneficial to the entire company with proven results. P...

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Baas Transformation
A Beginner’s Guide to Bot as a Service (BaaS) Transformation

Technology like Bot as a Service is the delivery of business solutions managed off-premises by the service provider for a specific business benefit. The system architecture and service availability are subject to the specific needs of a business, providing a cost-effective way for businesses to equi...

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Dynamic 365 crm
Dynamics 365 CRM: 11 reasons why Dynamics 365 is the most preferred CRM sol...

Identifying the right CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution for your business is like taking the first step to deploy efficient customer management workflows. Microsoft Dynamics 365 comes with many capabilities of integrating ERP and CRM functions cohesively. Dynamics 365 CRM solutions ena...

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8 Everyday uses of natural language processing (NLP)

Humans are the most advanced species on Earth, and our success stems from the ability to communicate and share information. That’s where the concept of developing a language comes into play. The human language is one of the most diverse and complex parts of us, with over 6,500 languages that exist...

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digital risk management
Digital risk management: the comprehensive 5 step guide

Digital transformation is inevitable for enterprises looking to harness the advantages of a technology driven infrastructure. Especially as a business entity looks to scale up, there is an urgent need to embrace digitization to stay competitive by today’s standards. There are several risks associa...

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