Natural Language Processing (NLP)
8 everyday uses of Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Humans are the most advanced species on Earth, and our success stems from the ability to communicate and share information. That’s where the concept of developing a language comes into play. The human language is one of the most diverse and complex parts of us, with over 6,500 languages that exist...

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digital risk management
Digital risk management: The comprehensive 5 step guide

Digital transformation is inevitable for enterprises looking to harness the advantages of a technology driven infrastructure. Especially as a business entity looks to scale up, there is an urgent need to embrace digitization to stay competitive by today’s standards. There are several risks associa...

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Uses AI
Uses of AI: How Artificial Intelligence Can Tackle Climate Change

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is responsible for a lot of changes in the way we perceive technology and lifestyle. Development in the field of AI and Machine Learning (ML) is promising, with applications that are continuously redefining the way we interact with our devices, people, and the planet. An...

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Azure Data Factory
How Azure Data Factory Organizes Enterprise Big Data Workflows

Enterprise IT adoption is on the rise, and cloud data platforms are gaining prominence across diverse verticals and industries. When dealing with large amounts of data, companies need a robust framework to manage information and derive value from it. Investing in advanced cloud technologies and data...

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Guide to Multi-cloud Computing
A Beginner’s Guide to Multi-cloud Computing

Multi-cloud design is the preferred cloud computing environment for enterprises today. By leveraging the unique benefits of a multi-cloud strategy, businesses can combine resources from different cloud service providers to create a smooth omni-channel experience. The multi-cloud design enables flexi...

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Financial Data Analytics
3 Ways Snowflake Accelerates Financial Data Analytics

FinTech is transforming the financial services sector with effective data management systems. A highly responsive data architecture provides a competitive advantage for FinServ companies to perform better. As Pharma uses data science to compute successful medicine combinations, FinServ uses data to ...

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Digital workplace solutions
5 Emerging Technologies to Power Digital Workplace Solutions in 2022

Imagine your current workplace 10 years into the future. Undoubtedly, technology will influence the nature of work, dynamics of the workforce and the idea of a workplace. If you haven’t already noticed, digital transformation is on the agenda for every business in 2021. Digital workplace solutions...

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Agile digital strategy
Build an Agile Digital Strategy based on these 5 Principles

Data-driven decisions are at the core of every modern enterprise growth strategy. To compete in your industry, you need a reliable and agile digital strategy that harnesses the power of cutting-edge technologies and comprehensive data modelling. What is Agile Digital Transformation? Agile dig...

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on site vs remote vs hybrid workplace
On-site work vs Remote work vs Hybrid workplaces: Pros and cons

Enterprises are discovering new avenues for growth and opportunity because of digital transformation. More industries are adopting digital workplaces and hybrid models to create a more flexible and self-sufficient workforce.   Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, digital workplaces ...

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Office 365 consulting services dp
Step Up Your Digital Transformation Journey with Office 365 Consulting Serv...

Office 365 and Office 365 consulting services have outshined in the digital workplace sphere to become the top solutions to all your remote workplace woes. Are you contemplating upon opting for the Microsoft Office 365 services? Read on. The Rise of a Professional Emergency: O365 to the Rescue With ...

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