Financial Data Analytics
3 Ways Snowflake Accelerates Financial Data Analytics

FinTech is transforming the financial services sector with effective data management systems. A highly responsive data architecture provides a competitive advantage for FinServ companies to perform better. As Pharma uses data science to compute successful medicine combinations, FinServ uses data to ...

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Data platform modernization
Five reasons why data modernization is no longer a choice.

With a booming business, data management could be a challenging task to maintain and use efficiently. With traditional ways of collecting and managing data, it could take weeks or even more before anyone can get any insights. Generally, for producing any report, huge data must be reviewed...

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ETL automation approach
ETL Automation approach using SnapLogic

Enterprises are heavily reliant on data to make intelligent and faster business decisions. To discover the insights, data from the various sources has to be brought to a single data warehouse for processing. The data might be from external sources and third-party apps which require integration with...

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Data Integration Approach
Data Integration Approach to Maximize your RoI

The data Integration approach adopted by many data integration projects relies on a set of premium tools leading to cash burnout with RoI less than the standard.  To overcome this and to maximize the RoI, we lay down a data integration approach that makes use of open-source tools over the prem...

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Modernizing Data Visualization
Modernizing Data Visualization with Dashboards and Reports: Top Four Strate...

Modernizing is critical to apply the latest technologies and practices to address areas where users are less than satisfied and data trust needs to be higher. In this article, learn about modernizing data visualization with dashboards and reports. Following are the four strategies for Modernizing Da...

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Data Visualization
Data Visualization: How is it helping businesses?

What is Data Visualization? Data visualization refers to techniques used to communicate insights from data through visual representation instead of just numbers. It is to distill large datasets into visual graphics to allow for an easy understanding of complex relationships within the data. It is of...

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How business intelligence is helping telecommunication industry

Being one of the crucial contributors to global growth, the telecommunications industry has a large amount of data, thus the high scope of leveraging Business Intelligence. Using business intelligence solutions in telecommunication, one can develop quick performing and predefined dashboards that hel...

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data quality
How to ensure data quality? Top Five best practices

Data is now a core part of almost every business operation. The quality of the data that is gathered, stored, and used for business processes will determine the success achieved in doing business.  The Data is said to be of high quality, if the data is fit for the intended purpose of the use or [&h...

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business intelligence in healthcare
Business intelligence in healthcare: How data helps in transformation

Everyone who cares about health should care about data  According to Grandview Research, “The global healthcare business intelligence market size was valued at $4.61 billion in 2018 and is projected to expand at a CAGR of 12.8% over the forecast period.”    The increasing need to attain a bet...

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data management dataops
DataOps: 5 Best Practices for Data Management

What is DataOps: DataOps is as much about managing people as it is about tools. The resources for dataops will be data scientists, engineers, analysts who just want to analyze the data and build models.  DataOps: Best Data Management Practices: Any DataOps implementation can adopt and follow these...

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