BI consulting services: how BI helps to transform your business

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In the BI consulting services ecosystem— business intelligence, analytical tools, and BI applications are the most talked subject areas. Business Intelligence is faster and more accurate in reporting; data analysis is more robust while forecasting has changed significantly and grown immensely.

Let us have a fair idea of how BI consulting services help enterprises to march towards success more confidently than ever.

The Business Intelligence Landscape:

Business Intelligence delivers faster reporting, Accurate Analysis and improves operational efficiency which is vital for any business to succeed.

At the same time, it is the most exploited term which makes Enterprise’s life more confusing rather than giving clarity on how to have the right BI strategy in place.

The above image represents Technovert’ s view on a typical data and analytics life cycle. From Designing Datastore architecture (3) to Designing and developing dashboards (5) contributes to the Business Intelligence service. The rest is about advanced analytics using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning models.

Technovert provides tailored BI services which range from ‘Traditional / Hybrid BI’ to ‘Advanced BI’.

We recommend the right BI choice as part of our BI Consulting services.

1. On-Prem / Hybrid BI:

This service model covers:

  • Design and Development of Data Integration architecture using ETL / ELT approach
  • Development of EDW / Data Mart and ‘Master Data Management’ and everything around that to ensure ‘Data Integrity’ and ‘Data Governance’.
  • Building Analytics and Dashboards either directly or on top of OLAP models for better performance.

2. Express BI:

This service model covers:

  • Design and Development of Dashboards and Analytics directly and quickly on top of source data without any additional layer.
  • All the required ‘Data Cleansing’ and ‘Modeling’ is done at the Analytics layer using tools such as ‘Power BI’, ‘Qlikview’ and/or ‘Tableau’

3. Cloud BI

This service model covers:

  • Modernizing the existing BI architecture to handle Big Data 3Vs of data (Volume, Variety, and Velocity) leveraging Cloud BI technologies ranging from Azure, AWS and Opensource (Kafkas, Sparks and Databricks of the world), MPP Columnar DW and ‘No SQL’

4. Augmented BI:

This service model covers:

  • Increasing the power of Insights from BI Dashboards by defining predictive use cases, developing the Data Science models and building Predictive and Prescriptive analytics

5. Advanced BI:

This service model covers:

  • Leveraging AI / ML technologies to solve complex business problems ranging from ‘Text Analytics’ to ‘Voice Enablement’, ‘Bot Development’, ‘RPA’ and ‘Image Analytics’ etc. using Azure, AWS and other Open-source technologies

Enterprises which leveraged our BI Consulting:

  1. Reduced time from ‘Data to Insight’ drastically to become more agile and reduce manual intervention (Excel-based Reporting and Calculations)
  2. Increased Operational efficiency by ‘Democratizing the Analytics’
  3. Sharp Reduction in Maintenance and Management costs by opting for ‘Cloud’ Data technologies
  4. Able to Augment the BI dashboards through ‘Predictive’ and ‘Prescriptive’ analytics for Operational users
  5. Rich and interactive visualizations helped to increase ‘User Adoption’
  6. Leveraging Big data independently and in-combination with Traditional data helped to unearth hidden insights

Few Industry Use Cases:

  • Enterprises tie their business success directly to how data can be accurately predicted through various calculations. It is experienced that big data and analytics help improve employee performance and creates new business opportunities.
  • Big data helps to fight against fraud in various sectors like banking and healthcare. Doctors can now have a comprehensive view of a patient’s well-being with in-depth knowledge that looks at current and historical data — that drive better healthcare services to the patient.

Value Proposition of our BI Consulting offerings:

  • Generate new business insights from the dark data
  • Improve core operating processes
  • Make faster and better decisions
  • Take advantage of changing industry value chains
  • Generate new data-centric business ideas

About Technovert:

Technovert offers comprehensive Digital Transformation services inclusive of Power BI solutions, Data Visualization, Dashboard Design & Development along with DBA support services.

By leveraging valuable and business-critical insights with the help of BI, you gain a competitive edge in the market.

Contact us  with our BI experts now.


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